June 1, 2015


The past couple of posts have been all about catching up, and there are still more of those to come, but today's post is a "current event"...T-Ball! Three and four year olds "playing" t-ball is hilarious and adorable all at the same time...well at least I think so. Some other emotions that might be present in some parents and players are frustration, boredom, confusion...trying to get a three/four year old to understand why he has to stand on a white bag and NOT run after every ball is a tough lesson. Or trying to explain not chasing the ball after THEY hit it but to run to a bag, stop, and wait is like trying to get them to choose broccoli over cake...not going to happen. Another fun element added to the mix is their attention span is about 40 mins and all of our games are about 70 mins. Those last 30 mins are a lot of fun ;-) Most of the games end as a parent softball league because everyone is out on the field trying to coax their kid, any way they can, to finish the game. So funny! By far the best part about this activity are the pictures...three/four year olds are ADORABLE in baseball gear. Makes it all worth it (at least to me...Madi and Kennedy might have a different perspective).

Madison not really into it

#3 Kennedy, #6 Madison

May 27, 2015



My babies are now officially 3 years old and 4 years old. They are getting so big and so INDEPENDENT! I know this is a good thing but it definitely pulls at my heart strings. There are times when I just want it all to slow down and for them to remain babies longer. And then other times their growth and development amazes me…it will literally stop me in my tracks and an overwhelming sense of pride will wash over me. The stuff they learn, retain, pick up on, the stories they tell me, how they apply lessons they have learned, and their logic are all gifts from God that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

An example of Madison applying the “do your part, team work, help clean up” lesson I’ve been trying to instill was this:
“Mom, teamwork is when I get something out [a toy] and you put it back up!”
I couldn’t help but smile. And to be honest I was really impressed that she even came up with that solution, so much so I almost agreed with her. ALMOST.

The older Kennedy gets the more independent she gets…she wants to do it her way and she will be hell bent if you try and help her or suggest an alternate method (I wonder where she gets that from…hmmm). She is like that with everyone, not just family. Her teachers, coaches, church members, friends…everyone. The other day her gymnastic coach came up to talk to me after her practice and said that for the first part of practice she was having a really hard time getting Kennedy to do the rotation on the beams. The coach said she was really fighting her and that she kept saying, “NO!” Finally after trying to reason with Kennedy, to no avail, she walked away and went to attend to another kid in the class. As soon as she left Kennedy got up and finished the rotation. The coach said that Kennedy came over after and said, “See I did it ALL BY MYSELF.” Kennedy didn’t want the coach to assist her, she wanted to show her she could do it without her help. The coach laughed and said that she thinks practices will go a lot smoother now that she understands how independent K is. There is still a little bit of finessing that needs to be done with K’s independent nature. In all honesty though I think it is a special gift from God that she has received. I pray that as she grows she never loses it, and that God guides myself and others to help her special light shine and not to snuff it out.

For Madison’s birthday party this year I had it at a pottery painting studio. The art instructor read a book (Monster University) then instructed the kids on painting a Mike Wazowski plate. The party was a HUGE hit! All the kids had so much fun and the plates turned out great!!

Mike Wazowski – the character from Monsters University the kids painted on their plates

Kennedy’s Birthday was a GREAT event as well! I decided to have a good old fashion home birthday party. Kennedy wanted a Race party so I invited all of her friend to bring their bikes, trikes, scooters, power wheels, etc…anything with wheels…and we raced around our cul-de-sac all afternoon. During breaks from racing the kids jumped in the bounce house obstacle course I had rented. We snacked on hot dogs and jello and for her cake she wanted one with balloons on it. How much more down home do you get than a party at your house, eating hot dogs, and having a cake with balloons on it? It was seriously so much fun! Most of the guests stayed until the evening. We all just sat in the front, watched the kids play, and talked. A perfect celebration for my Kennedy. On a funny note, apparently I have a grumpy neighbor because someone on our street called the cops! The cop who showed up said that it was a neighbor, he wouldn’t tell me which one, and that they complained because we were blocking the street. WHAT?! Are you serious?! The best part was the cop was super cool and played around with the kids. The experience actually made the party that much better…thank you grumpy neighbor!!

May 23, 2015

2014 Summer

In an effort to get “caught up” on here, and keeping with the theme of publishing posts close to a YEAR after they happen, I thought it would be appropriate to do a  little recap on last summer’s shenanigans.

***Disclaimer*** I am aware that my last post covered the 2014 holiday season and now I’m doing a 2014 summer post, going even farther back in time. Not staying in chronological order slightly drives me crazy. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I am going to have to put a point in the “you can’t win them all” column. I am choosing to focus on celebrating the fact that I have a second blog post in less than a week! WIN! Ok…now on to the post…

Hiking the Arbors 

Boating Fun

Fun at the lake & Playing Store with Kiki

- Movie on the Deck -

- Helping Kiki at Lakehouse Outfitters -

Bike Rides, Parks, & Splash Pads

Ranger Game

Bang Bang

I have no doubt that this summer is going to be another great one!