The McCauley Girls

Oh what fun we have!
I couldn't be more blessed then to have these little angels as mine. This blog's sole purpose to help document our adventure together so that when I grow old and can't remember all the details they will have this to look to and remember that they had a pretty cool mom...I mean life ;-)

Madison - Sis

Madison is my little scholar. I refer to her often as my baby bookworm. When she laughs its a full belly laugh that contagious doesn't even begin to describe.  She has a love for baking cupcakes almost as deep as her love for eating them. She is my shy, little lamb that prefers to observe a new scene or situation prior to joining in. She has a crazy memory that is constantly surprising me. She can give you directions to Costco, her gym and Ms. Rachel's (she cuts Madi's hair). My little miss independent is growing more and more into her big-sis shoes everyday. Phrases like, "come on sissy!" and "sissy, what does a dog say?" or "follow me sissy, this way" are said daily...fills my heart up!!!

Kennedy - Sissy

Kennedy, my wild little Indian, is go go go go. At times her feet even have a hard time keeping up. Her spirit and personality are amazing. She is up for anything and is excited to experience it all (especially if her sis is involved).  She has a booming voice that you don't expect to come out of her...and she uses it all of the time. She will command your attention with that voice and let you know exactly how she is feeling. I am foreseeing her having a lot to say over the years...and I can't wait to hear it! She is also extremely protective over Madison. She is a sympathy crier. When Madi is upset Kenny will mimic her emotion as if she is sticking up for sis and hoping her efforts will help Madi feel better soon. Its probably the cutest thing EVER (after you get over the fact that two little babies are crying very loudly at you). She is my love bug. She would prefer sitting next/on someone rather than in her own seat. I must admit I don't mind this at all :-)

Jodi - Mama

I am the incredibly blessed mother of these two little dolls. I don't know what I did to deserve such blessings as these two. I thank GOD daily for the gifts he has given me and the love he has filled my heart with. It is unbelievable the capacity at which a person is capable of loving. Its amazing!
I am probably the most conservative hippie with a pinch of gypsie you will ever meet :-)  My political views are strong and set in their ways. I treasure uniqueness and love bold gestures of personality. My faith and love for Jesus is strong and I pray daily that it continues to grow. I also pray that my girls have a relationship with Christ that starts young and never fades.

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